Tony Markon

Mr. Markon joined STEM in the 2018-2019 school as a high school mentor teaching science and math. Mr. Markon has been excited about the process of developing the high school at STEM.  Before STEM, Mr. Markon taught for five years at Ripon High School primarily teaching Chemistry and AP Chemistry.  Mr. Markon went to School at Michigan Technological University where he earned a degree in Pharmaceutical Chemistry before earning his Masters in Education.  As part of his Masters program Mr. Markon was a Peace Corps volunteer in Uganda.  Mr. Markon’s wife is also a chemistry teacher in Oshkosh meaning between the two of them they have heard every chemistry pun possible.  They have two daughters, Claira and Eleanor, who undoubtedly will enter into the Arts.  In his free time Mr. Markon enjoys curling and golfing.