STEM Academy

401 South Military Road Fond du Lac, WI 54935

STEM Middle School

STEM Middle School may be one of the most inviting, engaging, and inspirational places a middle school student could find themselves! Students here are guided and encouraged by our teachers in all of their classes and activities. With opportunities to join band, orchestra, art, clubs and sports, our students are able to get a well-rounded education that focuses on STEM principles. 

Are you checking out STEM for the first time? Welcome! Choosing STEM means your child is able to enter into middle school in an environment that fosters creativity and gives them an opportunity to develop the executive functioning skills they needs as their teachers guide them through their core subjects in a very intentional way. 

Students focus not only on STEM subjects and teachers integrate Project-Based Learning into their classes, guiding students through fun, engaging activities and projects that help build executive functioning skills they will need in the future. 

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